LEICA LINO LG2+ Standard
Best-in-class visibility with new green beam technology!

The Leica Lino L2G+ cross line laser projects highly visible lines at right angles to one
another. This new laser uses the latest green laser technology making the lines more visible and clear. Plain and simple, this laser will make it easier for you to see your reference line. Even with this new technology, you can still get 7 hours out of one set of batteries.


Featured with:
ok Best-in-class laser line visibility
ok Projects clear, crisp laser lines
ok Horizontal, vertical and cross lines
ok Accuracy ± 1.5 mm @ 5 m
ok 180° horizontal fan angle
ok 7 hours working time with only one set of batteries
ok Handy portable tripod Leica TRI 70
ok Premium rechargeable NiMH batteries with charger
ok Robust and functional Leica hard case

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leica lino nivel laser linea
4 times higher visibility
Green laser beams are up to four times more visible to the human eye.
So it is much easier to see, especially in very bright conditions or over distances, both of which are
common on job sites.
  Best laser line quality
The Leica Lino L2G+ uses the latest direct emitting green laser technology, which provides less speckle
and projects clearer, crisper laser lines. This allows for maximum of accuracy for interior finishing tasks.
Low battery consumption
Due to the low energy consumption of the Leica Lino L2G+ it is possible to work 7 hours with both laser lines
activated. You can work a full day on one set of batteries.
  Rugged design
The pendulum based self-levelling feature can be locked, allowing for protection during storage and
transport. Also, the Leica Lino L2G+ is dust and splash water protected, making it tough enough for today's
jobsite environment.



Especificaciones técnicas:
Range hasta 30 m*
Levelling accuracy ± 1.5 mm @ 5 m
Self-levelling range 4º ± 0.5º
Horizontal accuracy ± 1.5 mm @ 5 m
Vertical accuracy ± 1.5 mm @ 3 m line length
Horizontal fan angle < 180º
Laser type 515-520 nm, laser class II
Battery type AA, 4 x 1.5 V
Working time per battery set 7 h
IP 54 protected against dust, splashes
Dimensions 117.8 x 130.7 x 75.4 mm
Weight (without batteries) 370 g
Tripod screw 1/4 "
*dependiendo de las condiciones de luz ambientales


El Contenido del Pack contiene:
Leica Lino L2G+
Target plate for green lasers
Magnetic multifunction adapter



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